How much does it cost?

Packing lite plan - $5o, Full travel plan - $100 per trip day, Premim plan - $150-200 per trip day (but these are highly customized and will be quoted based on the amount of customizations and requests)

There will also be prebuilt itineraries that range from $10-20, Wellness consultation for $200, all the details will be available via our store.

How much do I pay to start?

For packing lite, consultations and any prebuilt items you will pay the full amount. For all custom packages a 50% deposit to get me started working on your itinerary.

What’s the first step

Just determine your travel dates and fill out the intake form. Once we receive it we will send you an invoice to pay the deposit/full amount.

What if I need you to plan only part of my trip?

That's fine. Just tell us which days you want planned. We'll work within your parameters.

do you book flights?

No we do not book flights. You start the process with Dharshini as soon as you're committed to flights (if there are flights in your plan)

What if a tour/activity gets cancelled

You will be notified as soon as Dharshini is informed of the change, and refunded by that company. If you like, Dharshini will attempt to make other arrangements for you. However, Dharshini is not responsible for any cancelations by hotels, tour excursions etc.. It's pretty understandable; Dharshini books these things for you, she doesn't run their companies. More info here in our terms and conditions.

Do you plan honeymoons/babymoons

We definitely can! We do not book flights but can plan you an amazing honeymoon/babymoon.