We would love to plan your trip! Our services include the following below, and you can find more details about pricing and options in our packages section. 

Here's an overview of what we can do for you:

We do the research for you:

  • Travel and consultation on picking the right destination

  • when is the best time for a visit

  • which are the must-go places

  • transportation options (please note: we do not book flights)

  • most popular tourist attractions best time/way to go

  • other hidden gems and lesser known attractions or activities sure to make your visit memorable.

  • best activities for limited in time vacations

  • local food and drinks recommendation

  • packing lists tailored to your destination

  • currency - exchanges, rates, safe spots

  • self care and wellness options

  • travel anxiety coaching and consulting

Personal itinerary:

  • suggested activities per day

  • points of interests depending on your preferences

  • convenient accommodation

  • transportation options

  • tour options or alternatives

  • PDF itinerary

And much more! Contact us to get started!

How does it work?

In order to create your custom vacation, we need to know about you (and your travel companions). So it all starts with you!

  1. Getting to know you. It all happens online (email, chat, text), you chat with our travel planner and share your vision. What would you like to see, eat, do, and the timelines for it (Don't worry, we have a list of questions we'll send you)

  2. Almost there. From your answers, we will first create a draft travel plan of things we think you'll love. Then it's your chance to tell us what you definitely must-have, what you would like to do if it fits, what you don't want to do, and what you'll safe for the next trip.

  3. Making it happen. Based on your feedback, we will create an itinerary for you that:

  • includes all of your “must-dos” (although here, depending on the amount of time you have, you may need to decide what not to do); and

  • is a realistic pace (we’ll tell you if it’s not!); and

  • works from a geographic standpoint, so you’re not zigzagging around the country; and

  • is a good balance

  • works for you logistically. For example if you don't want to drive, we can take that into consideration.

This itinerary can take into consideration accommodations, private transfers, tours, guides, activities, logistics, food and restaurant options.

We can also add premium services such as on-site support, self care and wellness options.